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Are you interested in an interview? Please contact me:

Possible topics I have experience with:
  • Depressive symptoms: What can those affected and their relatives do?

  • Domestic or sexual violence: What immediate measures are available for those affected?

  • Self-harm: Why women do it - What do's and don'ts are there for those affected?

  • Help, my child is hurting himself - what should parents do now?

  • My girlfriend hurts herself - should I address the issue openly?

  • Stigmatization in everyday life - Should I keep quiet about my mental illness?

  • How do health insurance companies deal with mentally ill people?

Vita and short profile

I am happy to be interviewed in the following media formats:

  • Print

  • On-line

  • TV

  • Radio and

  • Podcast available.

Vita of Female Health Care Psychiatric Spitex


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Images for download

Nadège Tebiro Dipl. Psychological Counselor
Nadège Tebiro at work
Nadège Tebiro in the office
Nadège Tebiro Founder and owner of the Psychiatric Spitex in Zurich
Nadège Tebiro Trauma-Focused Counselor
Nadège Tebiro Psychosocial Spitex Zurich
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