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Female Health Care

Psychiatric Spitex Zurich

Are you due to your

"I support mentally ill women and teenagers."

Nadège B. Tebiro

Dipl. Psychological Counselor

Dipl. Nursing Specialist HF

Dipl. Stress Management Trainer

overwhelmed by diagnosis in everyday life?

erkrankte Frauen und Teenager."

Nadège Tebiro Dipl. Psychological Counselor

How may I help you?

Psychosocial care Zurich
Crisis Intervention Zurich
Social Assistance Zurich

"I need support after a stay in a psychiatric hospital."

Crisis intervention

"I am in an acute crisis and can no longer control my everyday life."

Social assistance

"I need help with daily structure, IV or RAV registration."

Nadège B. Tebiro Psychosocial Spitex

Hello, I'm Nadège

Nice to meet you!

Trauma, depression or anxiety disorders?

You would like to change something - but unfortunately don't know how?

I support women and teenagers in getting their everyday lives under control despite mental illness.

Many of those affected are ashamed and hardly go out anymore.
I actively combat social isolation and stigmatization of people with mental illnesses:

My psychological care at Female Health Care Psychosocial Spitex deliberately takes place not only at home, but also on an outpatient basis.

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